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Fault Diagnosis & Repairs

Electrical fault finding is a combination of having good testing procedures as well as being able to recognize the symptoms that cause faults. This ability comes with experience, and with over 50 years available to our customers, faults are diagnosed and repaired in the shortest possible time.

ECANZ electri-check & Home Energy Audits

An electrical contractors association electri-check is a simple yet effective form of assessing the current condition of the electrical wiring and fixtures in your home. An essential tool for anyone looking at purchasing a new home. A Home energy audit can only be carried out by an ecosmart electrician and only a small group of master electricians have this accreditation. This can help save money & power over time by providing examples of energy efficient products and ways to reduce energy consumption.

Read more about Electri-check

Switchboard Upgrades

The current regulations have changed relating to switchboards & meter boards in existing homes. If any new work is required, all old and existing electrical work must be bought up to the current standard.

Surge & Earth Leakage Protection

Surge protection of your electronic devices can be achieved with the installation of a surge arrester on your switchboard. This will protect all your electronic appliances from dangerous voltage spikes and faults that travel through the transmission lines.

Earth Leakage protection provides additional safety in wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms & Laundries and can be achieved by the installation of an RCD circuit breaker on the switchboard or an RCD socket in the location to be protected.

Solar Power & Solar Hot Water

Alterations to Existing Wiring

Water Heater Repairs

TV/AV & Data Cabling

Outdoor Sensor & Landscape Lighting

Examples of landscape lighting provided on this page.

New LED Lighting Solutions

Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades

Fan installations, Bathroom heaters, Heated towel rails, mirror demisters, Undertile heating.