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The Electrical Industry is licensed and its practitioners are held accountable for their work. This is particularly relevant for new homes but what about older homes, houses that have had alterations over time, are they electrically safe?

Motor Vehicle owners have a warrant of fitness for their car, but have they got an electrical warrant or electricheck for their home?

Each year New Zealand homeowners suffer the tragic loss of property, personal injury and even death following fires in their homes.Those who suffered such losses are often left wondering what they should have done to make their homes safe from disaster.

Aware of the rising concerns of homeowners, the Electrical Contractors Association of New Zealand is encouraging homeowners to get an electricheck for their homes.

New Zealanders have always been careful to make sure their cars have been safe on the road, but people don’t often stop to think about whether their electrical wiring at home is safe and secure,” says ECANZ Chief Executive Neville Simpson.

“There have been times when electrical contractors have been called in to fix a minor problem and then have found unsafe wiring that could be putting the life of the homeowner at risk”.

Electrichecks will also be useful for insurance companies wanting to determine the electrical fitness of a home before finalising insurance policies, says Mr Simpson.

“In older homes, built before 1945, safety inspections may be especially useful for checking safety of VIR and conduit wiring, while recently renovated houses should also be checked to ensure that any refurbishment work has been completed to a proper standard.

Mr Simpson says people most likely to want an electricheck will be those concerned about ensuring their own safety and the security of their assets and financial investments.

“An electricheck could be especially useful for providing assurance to potential house buyers that renovations have been done to a safe standard.

“Having an inspection would ensure that the house they would like to buy has been rewired properly or that previous owners have not tampered with the wiring themselves.

“Generally we feel that providing a warrant of fitness-style service is a practical way of helping homeowners ensure the safety of their homes. Now it’s up to each individual to decide whether they need this safety assurance for themselves”.