Questions about Lockwood Homes

1. Can you install new power points without destroying my nice timber walls?

Yes, always. We have worked on 90% of the Lockwood homes in the greater Wellington area since 1975 and we have developed reliable methods for installing new power points, lights and other fittings over the years. Due to the structure of Lockwood walls we may sometimes have to move the fitting to a slightly different area than your first preference, but we can always find a solution that works well for you.

2. My Lockwood home only has 1 light in each room - can you add more?

Yes. As per the previous question, we can always find a solution that works well for you. In some cases the cost of your first preference may be high due to the time involved so we'll help you plan a solution that works. We have solved a vast number of unique and challenging problems over the years and you may be surprised at what can be achieved.

General Questions

1. Will you clean up after yourselves?

Yes. We vacuum any area we have worked in before we leave - it's important to us that the only way you know we've been in your home is from the new electrical fittings - not the mess!

2. Will you show up on time?

We always show up at the time we agree and on the odd occasion we can't we will always call you to let you know we are running late or arrange another time.

3. Will you respect the privacy of my home?

Absolutely. We limit our movements to the area we are working in. If you need to go out while we are working we will ask where your vacuum cleaner is before you leave because we feel uncomfortable about entering rooms in your home that we are not working in.

4. What are your payment options?

We usually send you an invoice but you are also welcome to pay by cheque or cash at the time of the job.

5. Do I need a compliance certificate for the work you do for me?

Not always. Any new work requires a compliance certificate, for example adding new lights, heat pumps or adding a new circuit to your main power board. Repairs to or replacement of existing electrical fixtures do not require compliance certificates, for example repairing a light fitting or replacing an electrical appliance.

6. What are your qualifications?

We are registered Master Electricians and Ecosmart Electricians and we have been a member of the NZ Electrical Contractors Association (ECANZ) for 35 years.

7. Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, our work is guaranteed to the value of $10,000 as Master Electricians. For example, if work we did ever resulted in damage to your home, your insurance would pay for the damage and the ECANZ would reimburse the fee we charge you. To our knowledge this has never happened in New Zealand.

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